The Easter Diary of BeaBea, aged 22 months

Today’s guest blogger is BeaBea, aged 22 months. She went on a Devon Egg Hunt this week – and visited Combe Martin Dinosaur and Wildlife Park, The Milky Way adventure Park and The Big Sheep with her mum (Visit Devon blogger Stef) and brother Rufus, aged 5. Here’s what she had to say about meeting the Easter Bunny, dinosaurs, Star Wars, sheep … and all that chocolate.


Hi. It’s brilliant that for once I get to put forward my opinion – it’s annoying seeing Mum tapping away at her computer all the time (though this is a prime opportunity to pursue my favourite hobby – posting things down the toilet).

Mum said we were going to visit some great places with brilliant Easter events on, which sounded really fun! She also said there’d be lots of chocolate in it for me and my brother – and so of course, I made a mental note to try and steal as much of his as I could too. I also made my first ever promise to myself: that I would try to eat enough chocolate to make myself sick. I like to aim high.


Day 1
Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

Egg hunt: 9.5/10 | Dinosaurs: 10/10 | Opportunities to kiss dinosaurs: a disappointing 1/10 | Friendly peacocks: 1 | Cute animals: more than 10 (I can’t count any higher) | Goals achieved: 0 (fell asleep before I could eat enough)
Managed to delay our departure as long as possible by running away at every attempt to get me dressed, then once I was dressed I played my trump card; Mum was pretty cross about having to change my nappy again.
When we got there though I started to wish we’d got there sooner. It was a beautiful day, and there was lots of outside space for me to run around in (Mum says she like to get a bit of exercise), as well as a mini train and great indoor play.
There were also lots of dinosaurs. I know all about these, because my brother Rufus LOVES them. So when mum told me that these ones weren’t real I didn’t listen to her – because Rufus said they were, and he’s clearly the expert in these matters. I think he expected me to be scared … but clearly doesn’t know me well enough. As the world will one day know, I’m as fierce as any dinosaur – and also will one day rule the world. So I wanted to kiss these kindred spirits – and was outraged when I wasn’t allowed. Soon forgot about it though when I saw all the funny animals, and next time we visit I’m so up for a swim with those seals.
My brother spotted lots of dinosaur eggs, and he got a bag of mini-eggs (which he shared with me) from the nice people at the park, for writing down where they all were – but I have a moral dilemma. I’m sure my mum told him where to look for some of them. Should I report her to the authorities? Please advise.
A really lovely day out, despite my troubled conscience.
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Day 2
The Milky Way Adventure Park

Visits to the Easter Bunny’s Grotto: 1 (more than any of my friends: can’t wait to boast at nursery) | Egg hunt: 9.75/10 (Dad’s taught me decimals) | Rides and fun stuff: 10/10 | Opportunities to kiss Star Wars characters: sadly, 0 | Stuff that I can play on: 1 million (I think) | Goals achieved: 0 (nearly sick but not quite)
Didn’t want to go out this morning. I was having far too much fun trying to shove my fingers up the dog’s nose (he loves it), but when mum told me were were going to visit the Easter Bunny in his Grotto … well, I wanted me some of that. I’ve visited that Santa bloke in his house, and you get given stuff! Thought this might get me some way towards my goal, because even I know that when the Easter Bunny’s involved, that means chocolate. I may be 22 months, but I ain’t stupid.
By the time we got there I’d nearly forgotten all about that though. My brother had told me what else is there – and it sounded brilliant! Special play areas and rides for small kids, huge bouncing pillows, bird displays, funny shows, a mini train (can’t get enough of that shizzle) … even mum and dad were excited because they were rides for them and bigger kids too, but that seemed unfair to me. I mean, they’ve got wine, haven’t they? And I can’t take part in that. Yet.
Mind you, then I saw the Easter Bunny’s Grotto … and when I found out from the Eggsperts Eggbert and Eggwina that this is where the world’s Easter Egg production is controlled … well, once more I could see that my goal was within my grasp. It was all very cool – the front desk looked like it was made of chocolate (note to self: find a way to get my teeth into that bad boy) with all sorts of controls on it (second note to self: find a way to fiddle with those beauties).
We followed our new friends down the corridor (the wallpaper had carrots on, and lots of the furniture was veggie-themed – too healthy for my tastes) … and there was the Easter Bunny! After I filled him in on my Easter Egg order (1: more than my brother and 2: put my name on his too), he let me give him a kiss (yes!) and GAVE ME A BIG CHOCOLATE EGG!! That hideous woman who insists she’s my mother only let me eat half of it though. Thinking about it, that was 3 days ago – I must ask her where the rest went.
Spent the rest of the day playing with the ‘rents and ‘blings – there was loads of space indoors and out, and we could all have fun together. Loved the Sci-Fi exhibit – there were lots of Star Wars characters. Think my brother expected me to be scared again, but yet again, he forgot that I am far more powerful than any Jedi, and will one day rule the universe.
Another great day out – must remember to ask mum about my egg. Weird.
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Day 3
The Big Sheep

Sheep feeding 10/10 | New best friends: 27 | New best friends that will let me kiss them: 0 (what’s with these people?) | Inappropriate pets that I will nowput on my Xmas list: 7 | Egg hunt: 10/10 | Rides and fun stuff: 9.73/10 |  Goals achieved: 0 (must try harder next year)
I’ve finally met an animal that I love more than our dog! It’s called a sheep! Have you heard about them? They’re fluffy, and funny … and hungry. I fed them out of my hand at this place called The Big Sheep, where Mum took us, again on the promise of more chocolate. But tbh, I’m starting to wonder what that sheep food tastes like … must be good ‘cos they sure gobbled it up! Will put it on Mum’s shopping list tomorrow.
You’re probably getting by now that I loved this place. Animals – my favourite thing. Mum kept making me recite their names and the noises they make – I think she’s forgotten (she’s pretty old). Puppies, lambs, rabbits, piggys, guinea pigs, chicks … none of them would let me kiss them, but they were all very cute nonetheless. Also met the lovely Easter Bunny – I wonder if I can take one of those home? Must start my Xmas list.
I would have stayed with the animals all day, but then mum mentioned the ‘c’ word, which persuaded me out. Had a lovely time in the sunshine, hunting for eggs in the grass, then when we found them we got to swap 3 little eggs for a huge one – how cool is that! Mum let me eat the Smarties from the … Smarties Egg but … hang on, that means there was an egg too! Where on earth did that go?! Must ask Mum.
All that chocolate gave me lots of energy. Went on the tractor ride, mini-train (they know me well!), and pedal cars, ran around the indoor play, and watched Mum, Dad and Rufus go on the swing carousel and roller coaster – can’t wait ’til I can get on that beast! I’m sure it’ll be ok next year [note from Mum: I don’t think so young lady – you have to be over 1.2 metres and 4 years old].
Loved this place – especially because Rufus was nervous of feeding the sheep. Who’s the scaredy cat now, eh?!
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