Ocean Aliens at Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Blast off to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth this summer holiday to boldly go where they’ve never been before – to the deep ocean, to explore the world of Ocean Aliens!

Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium is the UK’s largest Aquarium, boasting the largest and deepest tank in the whole of the country. This award-winning attraction has special events and  activities taking place all year round – and this summer they’ll be exploring the deep and discovering what lives down in the depths of the ocean.


Ocean Aliens: To Infinity and below
Throughout the whole of the Summer Holiday (27th July – 3rd September) there will be a spacey new Summer Show showcasing the cosmic creatures of the deep. Visitors will become deep sea explorers as they learn about the challenges of going down into the deep ocean, what they’ll find there, and how humans use the deep sea.

Humans have only explored 5% of the ocean, which means there are weird and wonderful animals down in the deep sea. Ocean Aliens will be celebrating the unique and interesting deep sea aliens that have been discovered by humans, and finding out how they live and survive in such a strange and harsh environment.

With more people having stepped foot on the surface of the moon than the very bottom of the sea, our oceans have so many similarities to outer space. In fact, it could be said that the creatures that live down in the deep really do look like aliens! From Vampire Squids to glowing jellyfish, the National Marine Aquarium will be exploring the deep sea world and these amazing animals.


Cosmic Creature Trail
As well as the Spacey new show, there’ll be a cosmic creature trail around the Aquarium, inviting visitors to search for the clues around the building. And as well as all this, the NMA’s Creative Centre will be open from 11 till 3 daily for families to get involved in spacey arts and crafts. In addition to the summer themed activities there will be the daily dive shows, talks and feeds, which will keep the whole family entertained.

VIP Behind the Scenes
During the Summer Holiday the National Marine Aquarium has also launched their new V.I.P Behind the Scenes tours! Taking place three times a day, these new tours will give visitors a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at the NMA. VIPs on the 1 hour tour (advance booking essential) will get to visit undisclosed areas, and find out how the Aquarium’s world class animal husbandry and engineering teams look after 4000 marine animals keeping them happy and healthy – and how they manage to move millions of litres of water from place to place. Book a VIP tour

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